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This high quality Hook and Loop tape offers superior, adjustable closure over a long life cycle, ideal for everyday, long term use for many applications. The tape can be washed or dry-cleaned. The quick setting rubber based adhesive backing is suitable for items requiring a fast turnaround. This adhesive can be used on a variety of surfaces including steel, plaster, wood, plastic and textiles

What’s the difference between the Hook & Loop tape?

The Hook side is the rough or hard side, while the Loop side is the soft or fuzzy side.


111 Uses for Hook and Loop

  1. Hang child’s paper on the refrigerator
  2. Hang greeting cards
  3. Embellish handmade cards
  4. Fastener for handmade cards
  5. Add embellishments to Altered Arts projects
  6. Fasteners for scrapbook covers
  7. Add embellishments to scrapbook covers
  8. Add embellishments to 3-D scrapbook projects
  9. Doll house decoration fastener
  10. Hang chore lists
  11. Secure batteries and radio receivers in RC model aircraft
  12. Secure flashlight to wall for emergencies
  13. Fasten white board in kitchen for family notes
  14. Fastener for kitchen cabinets
  15. Hang smoke detector to wall or ceiling
  16. Hang battery operated lights in hallway or bathroom
  17. Attach remote control to TV or side table to keep handy
  18. Shelf labels to be easily interchangeable
  19. Presentation or display board projects
  20. Display student projects in classroom
  21. Secure items to dashboard of car or RV
  22. Secure first aid kit to back of SUV
  23. Secure kitchen or bath items in RV’s
  24. Make interactive educational tools
  25. Hold pen to bulletin board
  26. Hang Christmas lights
  27. Hang turnpike pass to rear view mirror
  28. Secure shelving in garage
  29. Secure boat cushions in place
  30. Attach water bottle to bike
  31. Mount chalkboard or bulletin board
  32. Keep cooler in place in truck bed
  33. Attach baby monitor to crib
  34. Mount letter organizer to wall
  35. Hold car mat in place
  36. Hang and organize tool
  37. Hang curtain valance
  38. Hang pictures
  39. Secure cushions to outdoor furniture
  40. Attach or secure widow screens
  41. Attach shower radio to shower walls
  42. Secure mobile phone on car dash
  43. Secure mail box to house
  44. Secure bird house to home
  45. Anchor timing box for irrigation system
  46. Secure lattices to cinder block walls
  47. Secure flower pots on top of cinder block walls
  48. Secure outdoor art to patio walls
  49. Hang signs
  50. Hang suggestion boxes, real estate boxes, etc
  51. Hang posters
  52. Hang lightweight banners
  53. Hang business announcements
  54. Display children’s art
  55. People clothing fastener
  56. Pet clothing fastener
  57. Doll clothing fastener
  58. Halloween costumes
  59. Walker bag closures for senior citizens
  60. Table skirting
  61. Shelf skirting
  62. Sink skirting
  63. Attaching scouting badges
  64. Replacing hems
  65. Replacing backpack fasteners
  66. Closure for duvet covers
  67. Special needs clothing
  68. Securing shoulder pads
  69. Attaching appliqués to clothing
  70. Attaching appliqués to backpacks and handbags
  71. Seasonal pillow case fastener for quick change
  72. Use instead of zippers
  73. Use instead of buttons and/or in between buttons
  74. Make Christmas tree skirt
  75. Hold couch cushions or arm covers in place
  76. Make room dividers
  77. Make shower curtains
  78. Make lamp shade covers
  79. Hang curtains
  80. Make kitchen appliance covers
  81. Repair shoe straps
  82. Make detachable dust ruffle
  83. Replace purse closure
  84. Use to repair tents or tarps
  85. Make car seat covers
  86. Make baby bibs
  87. Computer cord wrap
  88. Wrap glue gun cord
  89. Hand tool cord wrap
  90. Secure wrapping paper from unrolling
  91. Bundle fishing poles
  92. Secure gate door to keep opened or closed
  93. Keep mittens snug around wrist
  94. Secure umbrella to lawn chair
  95. Keep pants bundles around ankle for bike riding
  96. Attach keys to child’s backpack
  97. Hang camping lantern
  98. Hang Garland around post or banister
  99. Use as plant or floral ties
  100. Wrap electronic wires
  101. Small appliance cord wrap
  102. Hang pieces of art or photos on a wall. Stick several strips of Hook and Loop to the wall and to the back of a lightweight frame.
  103. Prevent a jacket or a blouse from gaping open. Sew small pieces of Hook and Loop between the buttons to create a smooth surface.
  104. Keep a rug in place. Stick pieces of Hook and Loop to the floor and to the bottom of the rug.
  105. Stop seat cushions from sliding off kitchen chairs. Place strips of Hook and Loop on the chair and on the cushion.
  106. Organize toys. Affix a Hook and Loop strip to the wall and Hook and Loop pieces to stuffed animals to make cleanup fun for toddlers.
  107. Keep track of the remote. Use Hook and Loop to attach the remote to the side of the TV when it’s not in use.
  108. Remove pills from sweaters. Use the hook side to pull off pesky balls.
  109. Restrain wayward cords. Keep them in one place with a strip of Hook and Loop .
  110. Keep a pen or paper handy. Place a small piece of Hook and Loop next to a desk calendar and on a pen so you can jot down to-dos ASAP. In the car, stick a notepad to the dashboard or the door of the glove compartment and you’ll always have paper for a brilliant thought or a last-minute errand.
  111. Picnic in peace. Keep a tablecloth from flying away by applying Hook and Loop to the underside of the cloth and to the picnic table.

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